Monday, April 03, 2006

Class is class - Cool is Cool!

This is a shot I took today of Tarik Salim's silver Mercedes (123 body style), parked on the pavement outside my house in Santa Clara. I am not sure what year make it is - maybe 1984? and....get a load of this it is Diesel!! I found myself admiring it....still looks as splendid as this kind did in the 80's air all its own, in all its retro glory now - just proof that good style deosn't die - it lives forever!So class is class! - deosn't have to be M-class or S-class....
Also cool is a conviction, first and foremost - something Tarik and his wife luminaire have much of. Last week I was in Japan on business and one of my (local) Japanese colleagues was wearing the most hideous pair of glasses, they were so outlandish - yet super cool - circular black frames, these things were half the size of his face literally! and this guy was so peaceful and low key - wips them out in the middle of a customer meeting and puts them on like nothing ever happened...My work companion (and friend) and I had a hard time keeping a straight face but we commended our colleague for the coolness. I tried to get a shot but he was shy - turns out they are prescription glasses for eye allergies. It is spring (blossom) season in Japan and he wasn't wearing a mask (like many do in Japan) but he wore these because his eyes were more prone. Again it hit me that when you believe you have to do something and are comfortable in it your (individual) cool shines! Posted by Picasa

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