Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hillal (3) x Enyimba (2) - Part 3

Hats off to Enyimba and Nigerian soccer

Enyimba United are a team that deserve respect. They play a fine and commanding game. They were able to weather the Hillal and the crowd with calm and deliberate strategy - taking out Yousef Mohammed and turning the pressure on Hillal's usually indomitable midfield. They owned midfield and Hillal was not able to play their usual cohesive and nimble 2-touch buildups from deep. Enyimba seemed like a more mature and lethal version of Asec United of Ivory Coast. If Enyimba continue to play at this level of performance then they will be one of my to 3 favourites for this year's title. Hillal will be on that shrtlist also. A team that has Iviani, Muhannad Al-Tahir, Seif Massawi and Mandella on the bench is some team!

Hats off to Nigeria, by far the best footballing nation in Africa! and one of the most fertile soccer destinations in the world. To think that Kelechi, Goodwin, Yousif Mohammed and Iviani are not even fixtures in the Nigerian National team speaks volumes.

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