Monday, July 28, 2008

Hillal (3) x Enyimba (2) - Part 2

Some things for Heron Ricardo to think about:

Defender Richard Justin is making lethal mistakes that are costing goals but he did save a couple of lethal opportunities from under the feet of Enyimba's strikers. Ahmed Adil who is playing with good confidence, considering that this is his first African season, is to be commended. At this rate he will have a bright future. For now though, there is a gap in his performance with respect to gelling with Kelechi . That is not good. The lethal Kelechi-Goodwin duo is missed this year. On several opportunities, Ahmed kept the ball too long, when he could have slid it over to a well-positioned Kelechi. On other accounts Kelechi appeared….lost - hustling for the ball and trying creative penetrations but overall - displaced and lost. Iviani, inspite of a great performance, needs to stop worrying about vindicating himself so much - has anyone upset him? Let him put his head down and play as part of the team and he will continue to do great things. If he focuses too much on showing himself off - it will create issues for the team. Overall - Ricardo - you are the best coach in Africa….hands down!

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