Saturday, July 26, 2008

Meriekh advance to confederation quarter finals

Got up this morning (US - PST) and watched Meriekh vs Olympique khrebka of Morroco, in their return game in Omdurman. In a dissapointing game our homeside advanced on a goalless draw.

I really hope Kroger, Mazda and the administration can solve the current attacking weakness in the team. Captain Faisal Al-3ajab is way past his prime and is visibly heavy. Although his skill, inventivness and a keen nose for the net are valuable assets - they are not sufficient for a team with an eye on the trophy. A similar issue exists with Tambal, whose confidence and skill level are almost completely
erratic. In a game like this qualifier today - both were out of form, which makes the team impotent and imbalanced. There is NO WAY this team will reach the final this year without the 2 veterans finding swift replacement - Goodwin anyone?

Good luck to our beloved Meriekh in the next round.

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